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  The Water Of Life


Price 150 sek





 1.  The Water of Life   (Anders Beijer)

 2.  There is a Redeemer   (Melody Green  Arr. Andreas Ålöw)

 3.  Life´s Pageant   (Terry Camsey)

      Cornet solist: Ove Ericson

 4.  The Shadow of the Cross   (Dean Goffin)

 5.  The Scarlet Jersey   (Ray Steadman-Allen)

 6.  Renaissance   (Peter Graham)

 7.  En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt   (Waldemar Åhlén 

                                                    Arr. Andreas Holmlund)

 8.  Banners and Bonnets   (Meredith Wilson

      Vocal Soloist: Magnus Ahlström    Arr. Richard Holz)

 9.  Variants on St Francis   (David Chaulk)

      Euphonium Soloist.:  Richard Kendrick

10. My Strength, My tower    (Dean Goffin)

11. Trust in God    (Will J Brand  Arr. Dorothy Gates)

      Vocal Soloist: Magnus Ahlström 

      Piano: L-G Björklund

12. The Southern Spirit   (James Curnow)


  Vintage - Stockholm VII



Price 200 sek














 Erland Beijer

  1. Departed Heroes   (Bramwell Coles)

  2. Swedish Melodies   (Gunnar Blomberg)

  3. Toward the Golden Shore   (Ray Steadman-Allen)

  4. Victorious   (Dean Goffin)

      Cornet solist: Ove Ericson

  5. Dalarö   (Edward Gregson)

 Per Ohlsson

  6. Concertino for Band and Trombone   (Erik Leidzén)

      Trombone solist: Sture Beijer

  7. Notturno Religioso   (Erik Leidzén)

      Conducted by Col. Bernad Adams

  8. Happy in the Fight   (Ray Steadman-Allen)

      Cornet duet: Ove Ericson, Lars-Otto Ljungholm

  9. The Messangers   (Hans Nordin)

      Cornet quartett: Ove Ericson, Lars-Otto Ljungholm,

      Nicke Karlsson, Göran Larsson

10. The Wondrous Story   (Ray Steadman-Allen)

      Horn solist: Petter Ljungholm

11. The Call of the Righteous   (Leslie Condon)

12. A Happy Day   (Erik Leidzén)

      Cornet solist: Ove Ericson



Per Ohlsson

 1. Bognor Regis   (Leslie Condon)

 2. The Cleansing Power   (Stephen Bulla)

 3. The Better World   (Norman Bearcroft)

     Euphonium Soloist:  Mikael Ljungholm

 4. Wonderful Words   (Wilfred Heaton)

     Cornet duet: Ove Ericson, Lars-Otto Ljungholm

 5. Milestone   (William Himes)

 6. Heavenbound   (Stephen Bulla)

     Cornet solist: Ove Ericson

Torgny Hanson

 7. Vallflickans dans   (H Alfvén Arr. T. Hanson)

 8. Heavenly Gales   (Bert Langworthy)

     Cornet solist: Ove Ericson

 9. Varriations on Terra Beata   (James Curnow)

    Songs of the Morning   (Eric Ball)

10. I   Song of Welcome

11. II  Song of Prayer

12. III Song of Faith

13. A Victors Palm   (James Curnow)

     Xylofonsolo - Henrik Ståhlberg



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